democratizing the science of field-FOCUSED multiphase flow simulation

In terms of usage and market fit of MAPe, our business goal is simple: to democratize the science of field-scale multiphase flow modeling. As the pioneer of analytical multiphase flow prediction in the long history of averaged multiphase flow modeling, we are uniquely positioned to bring high fidelity, ultrafast simulations of the steady-state and transient multiphase flow behaviors in your wellbores and pipelines to the desktops of every production, reservoir, facilities and flow assurance engineer in your company. To gain our analytical perspectives within your workflows, we offer three services in increasing order of cost. Our consulting service offers the most cost effective solution for small or large fit-for-purpose multiphase flow/artificial lift/production optimization projects, recurring projects via retainer contracts, proof of concept (PoC) studies, client-specific MAPe customizations and MAPe pilots. Our user license service allows node-locked or floating licenses of MAPe to power users or small teams for asset-level or R&D-level usage. At the highest price point, our enterprise license service offers a perpetual integration of MAPe with company-wide databases and automated production/IIoT/ML/Analytics/Digital Twin applications requiring accurate multiphase flow calculations in your conduits and equipment.

After downloading the above file, follow the included instructions for correct usage of the applicable XL Wrapper on your Windows PC. For the ability to run simulations in the XL Wrapper, a MAPe license is required. MAPe license are only available (1) on an annual basis, if you have purchased one of our software subscription plans (contact, or, (2) on a temporary basis, if you are a pilot team member during company pilots of MAPe or you are a participant during an instructor guided training course using MAPe.

If either conditions above apply to you and you are ready to activate your MAPe license, then download and run the GetActivationCode executable on the same computer on which you want your MAPe license activated and paste into the first field of the form below the activation code that results from running this executable. Then, complete the form and send your license request. Once received, we will activate your license online and send a confirmation email.